Confessions from The Lash Spa…

September 7, 2009

At The Lash Spa in Dana Point, CA we hear beauty secrets from some of Southern California’s most beautiful women. As an Orange County native, I have been blessed with some gorgeous friends and I must say, mother.  One might think I am prejudiced. You have to be pretty to be in her circle??? Not so, so I guess this blog was just meant to be– Beauty Confessions of Cali’s Finest. I promise to share what I hear on any given day…the newest long lasting lip gloss, the perfect polish, the latest laser, the best in nip/tucks, an amazing hair spray or shine, an unreal shampoo or the best in body shimmers.  I hear it all and now it’s time to share. Feel free to fill us in on your new faves, as well. We would love to know what makes you look soo fine:)

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