Eyelash Extensions.

September 15, 2009

Eyelash Extensions. When I first learned how to do them, everyone was saying, “Huh???” Back then we wondered if the trend would last, and now I must say…I feel they are here to stay. I receive the same questions regularly, “Will they damage my lashes? Do they hurt? How long will they last?” The answers I give to all of my clients is this, “What people experience is highly individualized.” What one woman feels, the other does not. How long they will last is greatly up to how well you baby your beautiful lashes. General rule of thumb…NO rubbing, touching, pulling. Avoid any activity which involves rubbing, touching, pulling. Any rubbing, touching, pulling will diminish the length of your lash life cycle. Lashes have a life cycle??? Your body has 3 phases of hair growth and your lashes are no different. If you pull out a lash, then you will have to wait for the follicle to produce the next lash, which may be way down there. So again, no rubbing, touching, pulling. This is where the damage could come in, partly. If you land in the lap of a lash extensionist who uses way too much glue–you are in trouble. Yes, there will be damage. Yes, they will hurt. And they will not last long because they most likely will be falling out in huge clumps. If you have heard these rumors, they are true.  At The Lash Spa we have seem some doozy lash jobs walking through the door in search of someone to fix the mess. My business runs off of personal referrals. If you are wanting to try lash extensions, my advice is ask around. Get a referral from a happy client, ask your hair stylist, ask your nail girl.

Let’s talk positives… Waking up in the morning with gorgeous lashes, not having to remove mascara at the end of a long day, someone commenting on how rested you look or asking if you have had some work done. Or maybe someone may look at you knowing something is different, but just can’t say what. My favorite: shaving down my morning routine. I am notorious for taking way too long to get ready. Eyelash extensions take it way down. I have had clients tell me that their husbands love me for what I have done to make their wives get ready so fast. I have even heard a few times that women are actually WAITING for their hubby’s to finish grooming. Historically, I think that may have been unheard of.

Yes, they do require new habits to be formed. But isn’t changing things up good for the soul? I can’t explain the difference I see in a woman’s face after she has received her first new set. I love lash virgins. They are always filled with anxiety, then when everything is said and done, and they look in the mirror, I almost always see a look of amazement. Those are the moments I think, “I love my job.”

Peace from the Lash Lady.

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