Product that quite often catches my eye: Shimmers. From my angle while doing eyelash extensions I have noticed various types of body shimmers applied to the decollete, highlighters dusted along cheekbones, upon the brow bones, and sparkly lip glosses trying to compete with the stars in the sky.

Some body shimmers include pigment, either as a self tanner or as a straight up bronzer. My advice on any bronzer–watch out for the orange tones. I can not calculate how many women we have seen walking through the door at The Lash Spa resembling the OJ they drank that morning. It takes a particular skin tone to carry off orange, it most definitely does not complement all.

Lorac’s  TANtalizer Baked Bronzer is one that carries a nice shade. Bobby Brown’s Body Brick is another fave of mine. La Bella Donna’s for face comes in a cream or powder, gorgeous. These products have a micronized shimmer. Some of the less expensive shimmers are not only pumpkin toned, they have larger shimmer particles. We do not want to look like we have spilled a container of glitter. We want the light to reflect off of us, creating the luminosity we carried as a child. Although the Bobby Brown Body Brick was not suggested for the face, I use on my face, as well as my decollete. It has 3 tones in one grande compact. It runs about $75.00, but I am guessing I am going to have it in my drawer for a while, due to its size. Check out Lorac’s whole line of TANtalizer products at Verrrry easy on the eyes.

Bottom line: Look for shimmers, sparkles, and bronzers with micronized particles and avoid orange tones. All of the products we buy, try and apply have one common purpose–to bring out our beauty, not detract. Let’s make 2009’s Holiday Season shine and bring on 2010 with lots of sparkle and promise.

Peace from the Lash Lady.



October 20, 2009

An obvious post from the Lash Lady…Mascara deserves an on going commentary. When I hear of, or come across an extraordinary product at The Lash Spa, I will most certainly share my findings. The one sure thing with this ancient invention is that all are not created equal and the end results greatly depend on the state of your bare, naked lashes. They can claim to lengthen, thicken, separate. But if you do not have the lashes of a Greek Goddess to begin with, I can assure you, you are not going to end up with the lashes in the magazine ad. I do have some tricks that have served me well over the years. I was a Dial-a-Lash die hard back in the 80’s. Then I moved on to Lancome’s Aquacils until it’s discontinuation in 2002.

The key to a better application–scraping excess product off of the wand and combing it through with a dry wand. Remember ladies, eyelashes are hair. When wet, it wants to cling together. I also recommend allowing a few minutes to pass between coats. Keep combing through with a clean, dry wand. Your lashes will lengthen and thicken this way, without applying too much product.

Many ask if mascara may be worn with the eyelash extensions…the answer is yes and no. We sell a specifically formulated mascara for the extensions. It does not contain the emollients others are formulated with that would cause the glue to dissolve. As with any other mascara, too much will most definitely destroy the over all look of the extensions. As well as causing them to fall off pre-maturely. A little goes a lonnnnggg way with the extensions. Gentle combing of the lashes with a clean, dry wand is essential. The most IMPORTANT factor here… DO NOT remove the mascara from the extensions. Allow it the gradually dissolve and fade away. You attempt to remove it, you will wipe away everything. Total wipe out.

The names I hear dropped at The Lash Spa, in the world of this subject, are many. Stila Cosmetics has a great one I hear that has a double sided wand. One for the top and one for the bottom. Genius! The bottom lashes are a completely different breeding ground of fertility. There just are not as many, which can be challenging to get the right application, without looking like a racoon. Dior Show is another that comes up often. Back in my cosmetic days, Dior was another fave of mine. The Classic “pink and green” Maybelline Great Lash is one I have grown to appreciate. As I hear of more, I will promise to post…

Peace from the Lash Lady.

Beauty sleep.

October 18, 2009

From time to time I will feel the need to share some thoughts on internal beauty. So cliche, but so true…Beauty comes from within. A successfully savvy, beautiful business woman eyelash extension client of mine stared me straight in the eye the other day and said, “Nothing beats a good night’s sleep to make you look or feel better.” I agree hands down. This is something we are all aware of, yet many of us are guilty of cheating ourselves of this precious gift. This is coming from a woman who has struggled with chronic insomnia since teenagedom. I have tried almost everything, with sleep pros shaking their heads in perplexity at me. I have many suggestions from these experts. Again, don’t want the FDA on me. Feel free to call me to discuss, however, I will not post my opinions on the World Wide Web. I do have one all natural something that I found to work. What I realize, though, is that we are all created so amazingly different. What works for one, may not work for the next. My only advice is to stay away from the chemically induced, addictive variety. They are hard on your liver and kidneys, which is going to show up as dark circles under your eyes.  Isn’t that what we are trying to cure, anyways? You may feel at complete mercy to the sleep gods and give in to this route. I tell you, keep trying and don’t give up on the holistic path. Sleep deprivation is a complex issue involving our minds, bodies and souls. Keep trying all that is offered, don’t give up on the pursuit. One supplement may click with you internally, one method of relaxation before dreamland may agree with your nerves over another. We need to learn how to turn the conversation off, for the sake of  our own sanity. Our bodies were designed to sleep, it can do it. For the workaholics out there, sleep deprivation WILL eventually catch up in the premature aging realm. Again, our bodies were to designed to rejuvenate and repair during sleep. Hundreds of dollars can be spent on the latest miracles in a jar, but if you don’t get the sleep needed to make these products work, the “tired” look will unavoidably set in. Give yourself a break, make your 8 hours of sleep as one of your priorities and eventually it will pay off for you better than any “over-time” can. When we learn how to make the magically free gift of sleep work for us, we can work Miracles.

Peace from the Lash Lady.

Nightly cleansing.

October 9, 2009

I know this is a dreaded topic for some. Yet, I feel I must address its importance. Doing eyelash extensions for over 4 years now, I have peered over many pores.  I know– the end of a long day, you have crashed on the sofa or somewhere else, maybe the floor??? The last thing you want to do is splash your face with water and get into the complicated regimen that the perfectly complected woman has prescribed you. Women who sell skin care and cosmetics have naturally great skin, right? Not so. If this esthetician did not wash her face morning & night and regularly tend to her rigorous exfoliation techniques, her skin would be riddled with milia, hormonal breakouts and be screaming SUN DAMAGE from miles away. What a good skin care therapist should ask her client who is concerned about breakout is: How often are you cleansing and what are you using? During the day, most women wear some form of makeup, our oil glands have been secreting their substance, and dust in the wind has grasped onto us. Hence forth- makeup, oil and dirt have all accumulated on the surface of our skin. If it is not cleansed away before we drift off, pores will begin to clog, oxidize and form the dreaded black heads. If you are prone to acneic conditions, the bacteria is going to explode in your pores, creating pustules. You wake up wanting to cry. All of this can be greatly reduced by nightly cleansing. Our bodies have been beautifully designed to heal and rejuvenate during our nightly ventures into dreamland. Why not mix in some Vitamin C or glycolic acid action? Some discipline will go far here, ladies. Work with nature, not against it. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but after the early age of 30, it’s a down hill slide. Fight the fight, fight it armed with all you can…proper cleansing habits,vitamins, sunscreen, exfoliation, moisturizers, good oils, water, etc… you will notice the difference when you  do make the effort. I will acknowledge that yes, there are genetic freaks of nature that can get away with doing nothing. Ignore them and wash your face, my friends! 

Peace from the Lash Lady.