Shimmer and Sparkle…here come the holidays.

October 25, 2009

Product that quite often catches my eye: Shimmers. From my angle while doing eyelash extensions I have noticed various types of body shimmers applied to the decollete, highlighters dusted along cheekbones, upon the brow bones, and sparkly lip glosses trying to compete with the stars in the sky.

Some body shimmers include pigment, either as a self tanner or as a straight up bronzer. My advice on any bronzer–watch out for the orange tones. I can not calculate how many women we have seen walking through the door at The Lash Spa resembling the OJ they drank that morning. It takes a particular skin tone to carry off orange, it most definitely does not complement all.

Lorac’s  TANtalizer Baked Bronzer is one that carries a nice shade. Bobby Brown’s Body Brick is another fave of mine. La Bella Donna’s for face comes in a cream or powder, gorgeous. These products have a micronized shimmer. Some of the less expensive shimmers are not only pumpkin toned, they have larger shimmer particles. We do not want to look like we have spilled a container of glitter. We want the light to reflect off of us, creating the luminosity we carried as a child. Although the Bobby Brown Body Brick was not suggested for the face, I use on my face, as well as my decollete. It has 3 tones in one grande compact. It runs about $75.00, but I am guessing I am going to have it in my drawer for a while, due to its size. Check out Lorac’s whole line of TANtalizer products at Verrrry easy on the eyes.

Bottom line: Look for shimmers, sparkles, and bronzers with micronized particles and avoid orange tones. All of the products we buy, try and apply have one common purpose–to bring out our beauty, not detract. Let’s make 2009’s Holiday Season shine and bring on 2010 with lots of sparkle and promise.

Peace from the Lash Lady.

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