My business partner in crime asked me the other day what to do about the seemingly irremovable stains created by her holiday red nail polish. My advice needed to be applied to her “next time”. The key to a clean polish removal is patience. Patience is a virtue in allllll areas of life, including beauty maintenance.

The quickest way to get through your next deeply hued polish change is to slow it down. Saturate your cotton ball with a good amount of remover, press it down firmly against your nail bed and hold it. Don’t start rubbing it around, because this will surely ensue a great mess. After a minute passes, while still maintaining the pressure, glide the cotton pad off of your nail. Repeat this to each nail, changing your cotton as needed. Once all 10 are finished, get another clean pad and then go in for the cuticle stains.

It may seem as though this will take longer to get your polish off. But in actuality, if you take it slow in the beginning, exercise some patience, you will find that things will go much more smoothly. Kind of like life:)

 Peace from the Lash Lady.