Here’s a new topic in the beauty industry… Eye Whitening. Yes, they have come up with a way to have you drop the drops. It’s a laser treatment aimed at brightening your whites for people who have chronic red eyes, brown spots, yellow whites or raised bumps on the surface of the eyes caused by environmental pollution, sun damage and smoking. A treatment called I-Brite sounds quick and relatively easy. After 2 weeks, the eyes are bright white again. Orrr, the lash Lady suggests switching your eyeliner to a navy shade, which will help bring out the illusion of whiter eyes. Just another reminder to take care of ourselves, drink lots of water and get plenty of rest…

Peace from the Lash Lady;)


Spring has Sprung!

March 22, 2011

Let’s liven up our youth at any age…rosy glosses to make lips look fuller, bronzey bronzers (no orange please), get a pedicure and go BRIGHT! It’s time to have your hair stylist throw in a few extra foils around your halo, but resist the blonde ambition addiction. By summer’s end you will be sorry, AGAIN and swear you’ll never do it AGAIN. Switch your part, give your hair some natural volume. Rub your skin down with some coconut oil to get you on a mental vacation. It’s time to smell the roses…do it & do it with delight!!

Peace from the Lash Lady;)