Seeing Red

February 26, 2012

Just before this past Valentine’s Day I realized that for the first time in a while I wasn’t feeling bitter or uncomfortable about this “Holiday” for lovers. To honor that I decided to go against my nature and have my nails painted red. Typically my nail polish of pale pink or almost black chips quickly and gets removed just as quickly, so I was feeling safe stepping outside my comfort zone. The nail girl even offered to do a set of gels, stating it would last 2 weeks. I very quickly shook my head No..I found the idea of having red nails for two weeks very frightening. This polish was coming off the day after Valentine’s Day, as far as I was concerned in that moment. 

I felt an incredible uneasiness sweep over me as she applied this color over my finger tips. I just kept thinking, “This is so not me!”. As I sat there allowing them to dry I felt a shift happening. It was looking better, my eyes were getting used to the color red. I made it home and realized I was actually beginning to like it. I realized though, what I was liking was the feeling of doing something that went against my nature. I had stepped outside my box, and I was liking it…

A couple weeks earlier I had learned of the energetic power of the color red. Red has the lowest frequency on the color spectrum, signifying the lowest level of light or extreme negativity. Placing this color on our finger tips helps inject your spirit with a mild dose of negativity, acting almost as an inoculation against negative energy. When I recalled this lesson, I realized what had happened to me just after the polish had been painted..I was feeling a lift from my ego’s resistance to change. I had always said, “Oh, red is not me.” How do we know what’s not us if we never dare to step out and try new things, meet new people or go to new places?

Yes, the polish eventually chipped, but instead of removing it and going back to my usual self, I had my nail lady reapply the red polish. It was feeling addictive, I had her paint it on my toes, too. She agreed with me that at first she was feeling like it wasn’t me. Then she shared her story of recently changing her own polish to a color she didn’t usually wear. She told me she felt a shift in her mood, she was excited to have tried something new, as well. She agreed that her mood was different from this simple color change.

It seems like it’s so easy for us to get caught up the ideas of what we think we are, forgetting about all of the limitless possibilities in the world. Sometimes it takes just a simple change in nail polish color to shed some new Light in our lives;)

~Peace from The Lash Lady