Noelle Luciano is Co-Owner/Operator at The Lash Spa in Dana Point, CA. As a licensed esthetician she has been specializing in eyelash extensions and brow design since 2005.   Since beginning her career in the beauty industry in 1989, she has accumulated a vast knowledge of beauty products, treatments and services. Her passion for the industry drives her to continue learning about the latest and greatest must have products, services and techniques.


2 Responses to “Who is the Lash Lady?”

  1. Dear Lash Lady-

    I love your article on eyelash growth products. In September of 09 I launched GrandeLASH-MD. It’s paraben free made with natural ingredients expect for the peservative. It does have a prostaglandin in it similar to latisse but it’s not as strong. GrandeLASH-MD has been medically tested in an opthamologist lab on 55 patients to be safe and effective. I’m working with spas / salons and going to allot of trade shows. I’ll be in San Jose at Skin Inc this weekend. I’d love to see how we cna work together.

    • lashlady Says:

      Hi there! Great to hear from you. I have been meaning to update my opinion on lash growth products. We are back to Marini Lash, due to the high level of irritation many clients have complained about from Latisse. I love the idea of a paraben free product, would love to hear more on yours. I will check out your link. Best of luck this weekend!

      Peace from the Lash Lady:)

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