Lash Conditioners.

November 15, 2009

Here is another obvious post…the world of eyelash growth stimulators. These products have been a blessing and a curse to us at The Lash Spa. We have sold hundreds over the last 3 1/2 years. The challenge has been keeping up with the rapidly changing formulas. 

Here’s a brief history on how it all got started… Glaucoma patients using Lumigan by Allergan were reporting a significant increase in eyelash growth. Jan Marini Skin Research was the first to isolate the active ingredient and formulate a retail product.  Jan had an amazzzing product in Age Intervention Eyelash. I must say that hands down, out of them all, this has been my absolute fave. Applicator was great, delivered AWESOME results, heard very few complaints from clients about eye irritation. Revitalash had a popular product, too. Lashes were growing like Spring grass everywhere. Then Allergan came along with a law suit, claiming patent infringement. Jan volunteered to remove the active ingredient. She took her product off of the market claiming they were out of the eyelash growth business. When she took it off of the market, we switched over to Revitalash, who had been ordered to remove the active ingredient, as with all of the other competitors.  There went the unreal results, becoming inconsistent from client to client. Jan came back, stating she had conducted new research and developed a superior product. Results were disappointing to us. Then she changed it again, changing the name and the packaging. Now she has Marini Lash. My opinion, I still have witnessed inconsistent results. For the client who lets her lash extensions go, I would recommend this product. I just don’t think it works as great with the extensions as her first one. For the lash extension client, at the moment there is only one choice: Latisse by Allergan. They got in with the FDA and now have cornered the market. Now you need a prescription from your doctor to get freakishly long lashes.

Lashes are growing like Spring grass again, however we have heard many complaints about this product. First and foremost, they did not come up with a great application process. The disposable brushes that come with the drops are thick, rough and coarse. Common Client Comment: It must have been a man who thought that one up. My clients are savvy in the lash world, having used the various products on the market. My thought, why could they have not teamed up with JMSR to create the mac daddy of all lash products? Combine the 2 great technologies and BAM you have the best product on the planet. I guess corporate greed does not work like that, huh??? In my experienced opinion, the Latisse is a little too strong. We have heard this from many clients. Will we stop using this product that bothers different people in different ways? No way, not for now…life is always better with long lashes.

Peace from the Lash Lady.



October 20, 2009

An obvious post from the Lash Lady…Mascara deserves an on going commentary. When I hear of, or come across an extraordinary product at The Lash Spa, I will most certainly share my findings. The one sure thing with this ancient invention is that all are not created equal and the end results greatly depend on the state of your bare, naked lashes. They can claim to lengthen, thicken, separate. But if you do not have the lashes of a Greek Goddess to begin with, I can assure you, you are not going to end up with the lashes in the magazine ad. I do have some tricks that have served me well over the years. I was a Dial-a-Lash die hard back in the 80’s. Then I moved on to Lancome’s Aquacils until it’s discontinuation in 2002.

The key to a better application–scraping excess product off of the wand and combing it through with a dry wand. Remember ladies, eyelashes are hair. When wet, it wants to cling together. I also recommend allowing a few minutes to pass between coats. Keep combing through with a clean, dry wand. Your lashes will lengthen and thicken this way, without applying too much product.

Many ask if mascara may be worn with the eyelash extensions…the answer is yes and no. We sell a specifically formulated mascara for the extensions. It does not contain the emollients others are formulated with that would cause the glue to dissolve. As with any other mascara, too much will most definitely destroy the over all look of the extensions. As well as causing them to fall off pre-maturely. A little goes a lonnnnggg way with the extensions. Gentle combing of the lashes with a clean, dry wand is essential. The most IMPORTANT factor here… DO NOT remove the mascara from the extensions. Allow it the gradually dissolve and fade away. You attempt to remove it, you will wipe away everything. Total wipe out.

The names I hear dropped at The Lash Spa, in the world of this subject, are many. Stila Cosmetics has a great one I hear that has a double sided wand. One for the top and one for the bottom. Genius! The bottom lashes are a completely different breeding ground of fertility. There just are not as many, which can be challenging to get the right application, without looking like a racoon. Dior Show is another that comes up often. Back in my cosmetic days, Dior was another fave of mine. The Classic “pink and green” Maybelline Great Lash is one I have grown to appreciate. As I hear of more, I will promise to post…

Peace from the Lash Lady.