Lash Conditioners.

November 15, 2009

Here is another obvious post…the world of eyelash growth stimulators. These products have been a blessing and a curse to us at The Lash Spa. We have sold hundreds over the last 3 1/2 years. The challenge has been keeping up with the rapidly changing formulas. 

Here’s a brief history on how it all got started… Glaucoma patients using Lumigan by Allergan were reporting a significant increase in eyelash growth. Jan Marini Skin Research was the first to isolate the active ingredient and formulate a retail product.  Jan had an amazzzing product in Age Intervention Eyelash. I must say that hands down, out of them all, this has been my absolute fave. Applicator was great, delivered AWESOME results, heard very few complaints from clients about eye irritation. Revitalash had a popular product, too. Lashes were growing like Spring grass everywhere. Then Allergan came along with a law suit, claiming patent infringement. Jan volunteered to remove the active ingredient. She took her product off of the market claiming they were out of the eyelash growth business. When she took it off of the market, we switched over to Revitalash, who had been ordered to remove the active ingredient, as with all of the other competitors.  There went the unreal results, becoming inconsistent from client to client. Jan came back, stating she had conducted new research and developed a superior product. Results were disappointing to us. Then she changed it again, changing the name and the packaging. Now she has Marini Lash. My opinion, I still have witnessed inconsistent results. For the client who lets her lash extensions go, I would recommend this product. I just don’t think it works as great with the extensions as her first one. For the lash extension client, at the moment there is only one choice: Latisse by Allergan. They got in with the FDA and now have cornered the market. Now you need a prescription from your doctor to get freakishly long lashes.

Lashes are growing like Spring grass again, however we have heard many complaints about this product. First and foremost, they did not come up with a great application process. The disposable brushes that come with the drops are thick, rough and coarse. Common Client Comment: It must have been a man who thought that one up. My clients are savvy in the lash world, having used the various products on the market. My thought, why could they have not teamed up with JMSR to create the mac daddy of all lash products? Combine the 2 great technologies and BAM you have the best product on the planet. I guess corporate greed does not work like that, huh??? In my experienced opinion, the Latisse is a little too strong. We have heard this from many clients. Will we stop using this product that bothers different people in different ways? No way, not for now…life is always better with long lashes.

Peace from the Lash Lady.


Product that quite often catches my eye: Shimmers. From my angle while doing eyelash extensions I have noticed various types of body shimmers applied to the decollete, highlighters dusted along cheekbones, upon the brow bones, and sparkly lip glosses trying to compete with the stars in the sky.

Some body shimmers include pigment, either as a self tanner or as a straight up bronzer. My advice on any bronzer–watch out for the orange tones. I can not calculate how many women we have seen walking through the door at The Lash Spa resembling the OJ they drank that morning. It takes a particular skin tone to carry off orange, it most definitely does not complement all.

Lorac’s  TANtalizer Baked Bronzer is one that carries a nice shade. Bobby Brown’s Body Brick is another fave of mine. La Bella Donna’s for face comes in a cream or powder, gorgeous. These products have a micronized shimmer. Some of the less expensive shimmers are not only pumpkin toned, they have larger shimmer particles. We do not want to look like we have spilled a container of glitter. We want the light to reflect off of us, creating the luminosity we carried as a child. Although the Bobby Brown Body Brick was not suggested for the face, I use on my face, as well as my decollete. It has 3 tones in one grande compact. It runs about $75.00, but I am guessing I am going to have it in my drawer for a while, due to its size. Check out Lorac’s whole line of TANtalizer products at Verrrry easy on the eyes.

Bottom line: Look for shimmers, sparkles, and bronzers with micronized particles and avoid orange tones. All of the products we buy, try and apply have one common purpose–to bring out our beauty, not detract. Let’s make 2009’s Holiday Season shine and bring on 2010 with lots of sparkle and promise.

Peace from the Lash Lady.

Eyelash Extensions.

September 15, 2009

Eyelash Extensions. When I first learned how to do them, everyone was saying, “Huh???” Back then we wondered if the trend would last, and now I must say…I feel they are here to stay. I receive the same questions regularly, “Will they damage my lashes? Do they hurt? How long will they last?” The answers I give to all of my clients is this, “What people experience is highly individualized.” What one woman feels, the other does not. How long they will last is greatly up to how well you baby your beautiful lashes. General rule of thumb…NO rubbing, touching, pulling. Avoid any activity which involves rubbing, touching, pulling. Any rubbing, touching, pulling will diminish the length of your lash life cycle. Lashes have a life cycle??? Your body has 3 phases of hair growth and your lashes are no different. If you pull out a lash, then you will have to wait for the follicle to produce the next lash, which may be way down there. So again, no rubbing, touching, pulling. This is where the damage could come in, partly. If you land in the lap of a lash extensionist who uses way too much glue–you are in trouble. Yes, there will be damage. Yes, they will hurt. And they will not last long because they most likely will be falling out in huge clumps. If you have heard these rumors, they are true.  At The Lash Spa we have seem some doozy lash jobs walking through the door in search of someone to fix the mess. My business runs off of personal referrals. If you are wanting to try lash extensions, my advice is ask around. Get a referral from a happy client, ask your hair stylist, ask your nail girl.

Let’s talk positives… Waking up in the morning with gorgeous lashes, not having to remove mascara at the end of a long day, someone commenting on how rested you look or asking if you have had some work done. Or maybe someone may look at you knowing something is different, but just can’t say what. My favorite: shaving down my morning routine. I am notorious for taking way too long to get ready. Eyelash extensions take it way down. I have had clients tell me that their husbands love me for what I have done to make their wives get ready so fast. I have even heard a few times that women are actually WAITING for their hubby’s to finish grooming. Historically, I think that may have been unheard of.

Yes, they do require new habits to be formed. But isn’t changing things up good for the soul? I can’t explain the difference I see in a woman’s face after she has received her first new set. I love lash virgins. They are always filled with anxiety, then when everything is said and done, and they look in the mirror, I almost always see a look of amazement. Those are the moments I think, “I love my job.”

Peace from the Lash Lady.