Get Coco-Nutty!

November 22, 2009

I must admit that when my brother suggested coconut oil for our mother’s psoriasis years ago, I didn’t think much of it. I figured it as an intense moisturizer. Then, at The Lash Spa, the topic of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil began frequently popping up. I decided to do some research on the How’s and Why’s it was so beneficial for our mother’s skin condition. I was amazed by this oils properties. My passion was born, thus Te Karanga became my baby.

The Virgin Coconut Oil used in Te Karanga contains nearly 50% Lauric Acid. Lauric Acid is one of the saturated acids found in human breast milk.  When coconut milk was recommended 13 years ago for my dairy allergic daughter, I immediately ignored the thought. I was thinking the Vegans who wrote the book were NUTS! Now I understand why…Lauric Acid. It is antimicrobial– meaning antiviral and antibacterial. Coconut Oil is rich in Vitamin E, as well, which is an excellent antioxidant.

Due to Coconut Oil’s small molecular structure, it penetrates quickly and deeply into the skin. Not just affecting the epidermis, your outer layer. It actually penetrates into the deeper layer of your “True” skin, where the cellular action occurs.  During these colder months, I realize the Oil may not feel like it’s not doing enough. Take heart, it is still working way down deep. However, the epidermis may need another product that provides an occlusive barrier, not penetrating the skin so rapidly. I have been inspired to bring on the first addition to my line…a Coconut Oil Body Butter.

Meanwhile, here is a quick review of what Te Karanga Virgin Coconut Oil can do for you: Nightly massage it into your cuticle and nail bed, the moisturizer properties will prevent brittle nails, and promote the skins ability to metabolize the dry, dead skin around your cuticle.  Use it as an all natural underarm deodorant. No, it will not prevent perspiration, however it will attack the odor causing bacteria. Massage it on your feet as a softening agent.  Nightly, douse your neck and decolette, never neglect your neck!!! Saturate your hair, before bed as a pre-wash conditioner. Use it as a makeup remover, for those of you without eyelash extensions. Use it as a post shave moisturizer. Yes, this is works incredibly well for MEN, too!  Men can use this around the eye area, in place of an eyecream.  Mama’s out there– Virgin Coconut Oil is an excellent skincare product for your children, too. Use it on any rash that may appear on your kiddos. You will be amazed by how quickly it works to help reduce the inflammation.

Follow my suggestions, and you will learn what an incredibly awesome, all-purpose product Te Karanga is. It’s a staple that should be in everyone’s cabinet. My family was laughing at me when my obsession for coconuts began to develop. For every ailment I heard a complaint about, I would quickly respond, “Coconut Oil works for that!!!” Soon, you will be finding yourself thinking the same.

If you are feeling as skeptical as I was, please feel free to come see me at The Lash Spa or post ant questions you may have. I will gladly give you a sample to try.

Peace from the Lash Lady.


Cellulite. Controversial topic, I must agree. Some say there is no solution, some say they have the solution. Who to believe, I can not say. What I do believe is there must be something to reduce the appearance of those dimples. Through the years, I have heard many stories…women spending thousands, women buying creams, women seeing dancers with it. My opinion is that cellulite is definitely not prejudice. My educated guess? Genetics. If an almost perfect 10 can be sporting it and a full-figured goddess escapes it, then it boils down to genetics.

What to do if  you do not like what the mirror is imaging back? Keep trying! What have I heard at The Lash Spa??? Edermology has been a hot topic. Clients have reported results. It makes sense to me. Stimulation of circulation most certainly will help break down toxins, which are reported to be the culprit. My beautiful, raven redhead, long time client noticed my bottle of Te Karanga Organic Coconut Oil at the desk. (Although I promise to deliver my product  suggestions without  nepotism, I must give a shout out for my brand of Coconut Oil.) Her response was that her Edermologist suggests this for helping with cellulite. NO, I do not want the FDA on my tail, so I will say that nothing has been proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite. But, what I must agree to is  that, theoretically, it makes sense to my informed mind. When applied topically, coconut oil , due to its small molecular structure, rapidly penetrates the skin. Coconut oil is a medium chained saturated fatty acid. Being that it is medium chained, rather than a long chain, the body can easily digest it. The skin cells, which form the largest organ of your body, are not immune to this function.  The oil is recognized by the cells, therefore digesting it,  bringing on the inevitable secretion of toxins, aka cellular debris into the blood stream, then on its way to the excretory system, which takes it to the sewer. Following me? Raven redhead also added the use of raw, pure cane sugar. Which brings me to another subject, calories. Calories are needed for the body to expend energy. Seems to me that the process of eliminating toxins trapped in cellulite seems like a mighty heroic task. Wouldn’t some extra calories seem in order??? I think so.  My opinion? Give it a try. Brew up your own concoction, preferably formulated with Te Karanga Organic Coconut Oil with added essential oils. Get your raw sugar and massage away. If all else fails, your thighs will be silky  smooth:)

Peace from the Lash Lady.